Why Are Estate Plans Important?

You do not want to leave your loved ones in a position of grieving and fighting over property and  financial/medical decisions!

Nor do you want to leave the care of your minor children up to the state courts if something were to happen to you. These family conflicts are all too common when individuals become disabled, incapacitated, or pass away and do not have a proper estate plan. Protect your family & your money .

Passing away without a will — also called dying intestate — means that courts ultimately decide who receives your assets. To prevent that scenario, you should write a will at the very least, and update it regularly. Additionally, proactive estate planning utilizing trusts can allow families to bypass time-consuming and expensive probate court proceedings and cut down on family drama arising from estate disputes.

This investment of your time now will save your family countless hours of heartache and work down the road, while also keeping your loved ones out of conflict and out of court. If you choose to work with us, you'll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you never have to make another financial or legal decision without our guidance again. And if and when something happens to you, your loved ones will get the same type of trusted advisor, who will be there for them when you can't be.

Death is unavoidable. But you can make it far easier on the people you love by the choices you make now. And facing the reality of this fact allows you to make choices that will let you enjoy your current life even more. In fact, our clients often report a huge sense of relief after meeting with us, and they frequently say they wished they'd created a life and legacy plan sooner.

 Find The Option That's Right For Your Family

The best way for you to determine whether or not your estate plan should include a will, a living trust, or some combination of the two is to meet with us as your Personal Family Lawyer® for a Family Wealth Planning Session™. During this process, we'll take you through an analysis of your assets, what's most important to you, and what will happen to your loved ones when you become incapacitated or die. Sitting down with us, your Personal Family Lawyer® will empower you to feel 100% confident that you have the right combination of estate planning solutions to fit with your unique asset profile, family dynamics, and budget.

Regardless of age, marital status, or wealth, having at least a will is important for everyone. Read the following statistics below:

  • The probate process can cost up to 10% of an estate.
  • Detailed estate plans can reduce the likelihood of a long, expensive probate process. 
  • It can take anywhere from a few months to more than a year (or even years) to probate a will and get a deceased person's money to their heirs and beneficiaries.
  • 35% of American adults say they have personally experienced family conflict or know someone who has experienced family conflict as a result of not having an estate plan or will in place. 
  • 52% of Americans over 55 believe passing away without an estate plan or other end-of-life plan would be “irresponsible." Meanwhile, 22% say it would be “inconsiderate," and 14% say it would be “ignorant." 
  • 71% of American adults say that having an estate plan would make them feel like a good spouse or parent.